Exhibition Open from October 21, 2006 until February 25, 2007

300 Somerset Street, New Brunswick, NJ

Museum of the American Hungarian Foundation


Remembering the
50th Anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution
in Art and the Photos of Erich Lessing

 Photos: André Farkas

Opening Reception - October 29, 2006

Prof. August Molnar, President, American Hungarian Foundation
Patricia Fazekas, Museum Curator;
in background: enlarged Joseph Domjan drawings from book
Hungarian Heroes and Legends"

Patricia Fazekas talked about the artists, the paintings,
sculptures, photos, remembering Hungary 1956

Prof. August Molnar asked all to come forward who had been
in Hungary during the 1956 Hungarian Revolution

Gyuri Hollósy - proposal for sculpture commemorating the
1956 Hungarian revolution - inspired by a photo by Erich Lessing

Charcoal drawings by Csaba Kúr

"Moment" - oil painting by Balázs Szabo
and "Timeless Refugees" oil paintings by János Antal Kürz

"Fogság" (Imprisonment) 1966 oil painting by Gyuri Hollósy,
Abandoned" Watercolor painting 1067 by Gyuri Hollósy
and photo by Erich Lessing

Cardinal Mindszenty's photo by Erich Lessing
and l
ife size bust (1975) by Gyuri Hollósy

Erich Lessing's well-known photo of 1956
"Requiem In Color - 1956" Limited Edition print by Attila Boda and
untitled allegorical painting of 1956 revolution 1957 by Wilma Maria Prezzi

André Farkas and the bicycle he rode to freedom from
Budapest to Austria in November, 1957

"Pesti Srác" 1957 Ink sketch by Paul Takacs,
1956 Tribute - Linoleum cut by Balázs Szabo
"Broken Hearts" oil painting 1957 by Paul Takacs

Sketches for "Broken Hearts" by Paul Takacs,
"Letter From America" - oil painting by Paul Takacs,
pencil sketch for "Freedom Fighter"
shown below on magazine cover by Paul Takacs

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