January 29, 2009 - Carnegie Hall, Zankel Hall, NY

A yearlong festival showcasing contemporary Hungarian visual,
performing, and literary arts in New York and Washington, D.C.,
throughout 2009, organized by the Hungarian Cultural Center, NY


a two-week series of classical, folk, and new Hungarian music

World Views:


Guest Artists:

Andrs Ds, Percussion
Balzs Szokolay Dong,

Shepherds Flutes, Bagpipes, Kaval
and Soprano Saxophone

Angela and Jennifer Chun, Violin

Photos: Gabriella Gyorffy

Beta Palya, new international voice and rising Hungarian star projects a blend of Hungarian folk, jazz, gypsy, Indian, and Persian music. In her unique style she stirs modern and traditional yearnings and bridges time with music. As a soloist, her evasive style and diversity of vocal traditions places her as a true presence not to be ingnored.

Angela and Jennifer Cun, Violin

Balzs Szokolay Dong

Conducting the audience

Andrs Ds, Percussion

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